We ensure this RPG is safe and enjoyable for everyone. Our members are important to us and the growth of TUA; please reach out with any issues or suggestions you may have.

1. Under no circumstances should you give out your password or reveal personal / sensitive information. If someone's asking for this, please inform staff immediately. We also have no tolerance for bullying or spam. TUA is a diverse and LGBTQ+ friendly community.

2. Try to make RP posts at least a paragraph; roughly 5-7 sentences. It gives us something to respond to. It's only a guideline; we understand that sometimes a post needs to be short and brief, but don't make a habit of it.
Every RP post must be in third person + past tense, and character dialogue in bold.

3. This is a literate roleplay, so please proof-read posts prior to submitting them. If you need it, there's a spell-check function available when posting. Avoid making “walls of text” by breaking up bigger paragraphs for better readability (as it's easier to mod, and some use mobile, or have disabilities, etc) – if this doubles the length of your post, that's fine. Try not to start dialogue at the end of a paragraph or in the middle of a big one.

4. God-moding and Autoing won't be tolerated. While you control your own character, you also control his/her family when necessary unless they too are members of this site. Use of powers, advanced skills, and weapons are monitored.

5. Keep swearing and adult content to a minimum; nothing too vulgar or excessive – this includes violence and villain / criminal activity. Hunting animals isn't permitted. Crimes that are based in a sexual nature, including general harm, are strictly forbidden. Any character under the age of 20 can only date/etc someone who's no more than 1 year older or younger than them, for appropriate reasons.

6. If you wish to speak out of character in a RP zone, do so parenthetically and mark it as OOC. Other variations are fine, so long as it's clear and separate.
Example: [OOC: _______]

7. We understand members have different amounts of spare time, but try to be active when you can. It ruins the experience for others if they’re left waiting too long for a reply. If you're going to be away for a period of time, notify a staff member or use the "Member Social" area on the main page.

8. To keep everything balanced and displayed properly across all themes and features, posting templates are not used on TUA. The only exception is for a character's Plotter / Journal, where you have creative freedom.

9. A new member can have 1 character. When you reach a post count of 25, you're allowed a 2nd character if you can manage both – PM the Admin to make a request. Any additional character should be in a different hub than your other/s (Smallville, Metropolis, Gotham, or Star City). You can have a maximum of 2 powered characters, and / or 1 skilled character, to ensure fairness. Full details are in the Getting Characters thread.

10. Character accounts that haven't posted for 4 months (or 2, if only a handful of posts were made then nothing) will be considered for removal. If you intend to return, let us know and your account will be safe. If you no longer want to play a character or you intend to leave the site, please inform the Admin beforehand. You will lose all progress.
Note: If you'd simply like to start over with a new character, replacing the old one in the process, that can easily be arranged.

11. Your character cannot be in two places at once; you should leave an RP thread before posting in another. Your character can use the Global Tech section freely wherever they are, so long as it's realistic (hands are free, not in the middle of combat etc) and they're in signal range.

12. Your character can be injured or die. Hospitals and Medical Centers are always available, even during a crisis. Choosing to commit or stop crime, be involved in big events, have powers / be around someone who does, wander a city a night, or have a high-risk career may endanger your character, but they won't be killed without warning. Be alert and choose your battles wisely, even if your character doesn't.

13. It is the responsibility of all members to help maintain fairness, which includes keeping a character's alias. Unless the character is making mistakes or slipping up with identifying factors, respect that suspension of belief is a part of this world. Example: Clark Kent wearing glasses and adjusting his demeanour effectively conceals his Superman alias. Allowing your character to be fooled, defeated in combat, or get caught keeps things realistic.

We want your RP experience to be enjoyable, adventurous, and fair. If you get stuck and don't know how to proceed or what to do next, let staff know. The "Need Help?" section on the main page is always open for any questions or concerns you have. We also have an active Discord where staff and members are online daily. You can PM a staff member if you prefer discussing something in private.